The Ditta Antonio Martello was founded in 1888.

After four generations the location of the Cappelleria is still the same. The restyling in 2016 by Gamassi resonates with the brand transformative endeavor and stimulates a period of creative experimentation.

Now we work as an interdisciplinary team of experimental designers and creative minds in the
local craft world of Sardinia and worldwide. 

An adventure journey

Antonio Martello begins his entrepreneurial journey, moving to the Island of Sardinia to seek his fortune, travelling across the Mediterranean sea for a three-months trip on a sailing ship.

The first location of the oldest hat shop of Sardinia is in one of the main streets of the city of Cagliari, the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II.

The oldest hat shop of Sardinia

Antonio establishes the "Ditta Antonio Martello" in 1888.

After one hundred and thirty-five years, the shop is still a family-owned business.

Trustee of Borsalino

Here Antonio is front of the first location of the shop.

He becomes the only trustee in Sardinia of the Borsalino brand, the most famous hat factory in the world.

Marca Martello

"Marca Martello",
the shop personal brand creates a recognizable brand identity that now, after one hundred thirty-five years, still aims to work with interdisciplinary teams to achieve creative and sustainable goals.

L'uomo selvatico

Antonio is an adventurer. This is a quote we found in the back of an old photography written probably by a friend!

He likes to compete with his friends using his barouche and his Arab-Sardinian horse Taveggia (the name of one of the most notorious Sardinian bandit).


Antonio often challenges his good friend Talmone (of the famous chocolates fabric in Turin), for a special competition race. They compete to arrive to the house of Capoterra in the mountains that they use for wild boar hunting. Antonio with his barouche and Talmone driving a Fiat car. Antonio often arrives first!

"La Cappelleria" in Via Sassari 92

At end of the Twenties the
shop is in Via Sassari 92, as it is now. Managed by four generations the Antica Cappelleria Martello not only is an iconic location, but also an important part of the history of the City of Cagliari.


The first business caretaker is the daughter of Antonio, Matilde, she lost her beloved husband when she was only 26 years old in 1943, during the war. With a new-born
child, Matilde takes over the family business for more than 70 years.


The restyling in 2016 carried by
Gamassi interior design studio of Francesca Gasbarrini, resonates with the brand transformative endeavor and stimulates a period of creative experimentation.